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General Information

Rules and Regulations:


We Accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

When you purchase a show on or your credit card is only authorized for the amount of the charge. After the show, or call has been completed, the authorization will be finalized and only then will your credit card be charged discretely as
 AJ Communications

CNP*AJ Communications
“U12 Gamma Commercial Complex,
#47 Rizal Highway cor. Manila Avenue,
Subic Bay Freeport, Olongapo City

Refund Policy:
If for any reason the show is not completed or you need to cancel the show, please contact our support team  You can ask us to void the transaction anytime before the show has been completed.

NOTICE!! We use Address Verification System (AVS) to check your credit card. Your address MUST match your credit card billing address including phone number. If your receipt shows approved and we see no address match, we WILL void the charge and there will be no approval given to the performer for that show.

International Shows:
Due to the high risk of international credit card fraud we will personally check all International charges that come in. If we feel the charge is a high risk or a stolen card, we will void your credit card charge and no approval will be given to the performer for that show.

If your credit card is approved it will show up on your credit card statement discretely as
  AJ Communications or CNP*AJ Communications

BEFORE you PURCHASE time, you MUST speak with your performer from either or to make sure she is AVAILABLE and to agree on the amount and time
for your call or show. Performer makes the final decision about her rates.

Store Security:
Our store uses the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol to encrypt communications and ensure that your
personal and payment information safely and securely gets from you to us. All information is private, and confidential. We do not sell customer information. Only employees with the need to know have access to customer information. Performers and misc. personnel do not have access.

Heavy Usage:
If your account has been suspended do to heavy use, please click below to fill out out our

Heavy Usage Agreement

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